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Job Overview

Job Title: Interim GFC Councillor
Sector: Government
Job Type: Part-time Temporary
Pay Rate: 0.00 / hour
Compensation Notes: This is a volunteer position

Job Details and Description

Description: A student representative on General Faculties Council will represent the students in their faculty at GFC meetings. This involves asking questions, commenting on proposals being seen by GFC, and voting in their studentsí best interests.

GFC student representatives may also attend GFC Student Caucus meetings in advance of the regularly scheduled GFC meetings to talk about whatís on the upcoming agenda, how certain issues and proposals will effect the students in their faculty, and how they may consider addressing problems or voting in the upcoming GFC meeting.

This position will run from May 1, 2019 until the positions are filled in the by-election in late September or early October.

GFC meetings are held from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM. If you have classes or labs at this time, you can pick up notes to excuse you from those commitments at the GFC meetings. You can find the full schedule here:

GFCSC meetings are held approximately one week before each GFC meeting. They are recommended, but not mandatory.
Qualifications: Must be registered as an undergraduate student at the University of Alberta in one of the following faculties: ALES, Arts, Augustana, Business, Education, Engineering, Nursing, or Science.

Must have an interest in student issues at the U of A, and a desire to represent the best interests of students to the university.
Work Hours: Afternoon, Evening

Primary Job Location

Street Address: University of Alberta
City: Edmonton
Province: Alberta
Postal Code: T6G2J7
Country: Canada

Application and Other Information

Application Deadline: April 14, 2019
Application Instructions: Please submit the following to - A cover letter explaining why you want to sit on GFC, what you hope to accomplish as a member, and how your past experience will help you be successful as a GFC Councillor. - A resume outlining any past governance or leadership experience you have. - A letter of academic elegibility that has been signed by someone in your faculty office. Download a copy of the form here:
Contact Name: Rebecca
Phone: --
Application Notes:
Other Notes: U of A Students' Union
Ad Start Date: March 26, 2019